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Design competition 2023/2024

Are you the winner of this years’ competition? Every year BlueDot organizes a design competition for all students of the TU Delft. This year the theme of the competition is: Time machine!

Hungry for a challenge? This design competition is your chance to create something you are truly passionate about, and challenge yourself to make something that will make your portfolio stand out. The broad theme of time machine opens many doors to explore. Shoot you shot and get the chance to win a price!
Interested? Join our information lunch November 15th in studios 15 at 13:45 at the Industrial design faculty.


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About the competition


For the design competition BlueDot will host two helpful and fun workshops to get inspiration for your design. You can participate for free. More information about the workshops will be provided after sign up.

Important dates

  • 15th of November kickoff lunch
  • February 23 Deadline for handing in design for competition
  • February 28 Jury Day


Entries will be judged by a professional jury whom are currently working in the design field outside of the faculty. They will take the following criteria into account:

  •      Fit to theme: Time machine
  •      Story behind your design
  •      Originality of your design
  •      Aesthetics of your design
  •      Manufacturability of the design


During the IDE Business Fair the winners will be announced and there will be an award ceremony.

The winner of the competition will receive a money prize!

For the winners there is a chance of further development and perhaps even manufacturing of your design.

About the theme

BlueDot’s yearly design competition will be held again. All
students are able to join the competition and win prizes! This
year’s theme is time machine!

This year, it will revolve around drawing inspiration from various historical and futuristic eras, with the creative use of a Time Machine. Time Machine offers a unique chance to improve the past or predict the future. Combine trends from the past, current trends or those in the foreseeable future. Draw inspiration from the modernism era or the industrial revolution. Create a product that taps into the themes of the 70s, to make a comeback in the future. Use your imagination to capture the past to shape the future, breathing fresh life into old trends. Time Machine provides the  opportunity to merge characteristics from past trends with those that people envision for the future, resulting in the creation of an entirely new product. The variations of materials, production techniques and aesthetics from those periods offer numerous possibilities for creativity and the exploration of diverse design approaches.

We are looking for an original product with an inspiring story behind it. When designing, keep the BlueDot values in mind. The typical BlueDot products are modern yet low tech, sustainable and ambitious: perfect for an upcoming student label.

Let your creativity flow and embark on “Time Machine”!

Your submission

Once you have come up with a great design, make sure that your entry can be considered as complete. We would like to have all imagery and accompanying text to be presented on a poster, preferably on a foam board of A2 size. This poster will contain a mandatory description of 100-300 words in length as well as a structural design drawing or sketch, showing the construction of the design. You are also required to hand in a physical model.

Hand in all materials in the BlueDot office, more detailed information about this will be profided later.

  • C-2-350, Landbergstraat 15, 2628 CE Delft

Latest updates

Frank Steeghs from ACE will meet our Design Competition participants via Zoom and is there to help them with their concepts! ACE is a consultancy and engineering firm, active in the segments: product development, automotive, industrial automation, hightech systems en construction technology.

A few weeks ago @mmidgroup came to the faculty of IDE to give a workshop about rapid prototyping to the students that applied to the design competition. By building towers out of spaghetti, various aspects of prototyping were highlighted. We really enjoyed it! We would like to thank MMID a lot for this interesting and fun workshop!

Do you have some spare time during this Christmas break? Sign up for the Design Competition!

The BlueDot Design Competition is back! This year’s theme is ‘Time machine’ and the prizes are big! Interested to improve your skills, expand your portfolio?