By Jeroen Bos

This serving board in inspired by the ancient concept of kintsugi, which is derived from the principle of wabi-sabi. Kintsugi is the ritual of repairing broken ceramic with gold, hence the name kintsugi, which translates to ‘repair with gold’.

Instead of throwing away old items, their imperfections, the cracks, are highlighted. This creates a unique appearance that is rarely seen in a worl where we are mostly surrounded by cheap plastic products.

Part of the technique of kintsugi is applied when designing the Aoi-Tsugi (‘To repair with blue’) board. For the build of this board, reclaimed wood is used, which is shaped in a way that it associates the pattern of kintsugi. In a way, during the build of the serving boards, old wood is ‘repaired’, showing its imperfections and signs of age, creating a unique produtc that will last for years.

In production


The BlueDot foundation helps students from the Delft University of Technology to bring their products to the market. BlueDot links conceptual work from students to the market. For and by students. The foundation functions as platform and as design label.


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