By Roel Roskam

The carving lines of l’Offre make you think of the renowned and awardwinning Sydney Opera House. Designer Roel Roskam bended these lines carefully and welded them tightly in two places. With this minimalistic but sturdy fruitbowl the kitchentable gets a famous touch. There is only a small number of l’Offres made and it’s meant for people with a real eye for design.


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The BlueDot foundation helps students from the Delft University of Technology to bring their products to the market. BlueDot links conceptual work from students to the market. For and by students. The foundation functions as platform and as design label.


Langbergstraat 15
2628 CE Delft, Netherlands

ROOM C-2-350



KvK: 27301397
BTW: NL8180 20 301 B01


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