Design competition X ACE

In the second week after the Christmas holidays the Design Competition Committee organised a lunch meeting with Frank Steeghs from ACE, a multidisciplinary engineering partner for development and innovation of products and production processes. 

Frank started the meeting by introducing himself and his work at ACE. The lunch meeting was completely online due to the Covid-19 regulations. However, this did not stop the participants from joining and listening to Frank’s interesting story. The personal start was very nice, to get to know how he came to work at ACE and how he knew this was the job he wanted.  

After the personal introduction, Frank showed some interesting projects from ACE and told us about the methods they use and interesting insights they gained from it. It was very interesting to hear about real problems and how to tackle them. ACE is active in the areas; product development, automotive, industrial automation, hightech systems and construction technology, so a large scope with a lot of opportunities to gain knowledge from!  For the students it was nice to get out of the ‘university’ bubble and to hear something real again from a real company. Frank gave the students some useful hints and tips that were interesting for us to use in the future. 

Then the participants had the opportunity to ask Frank some questions about their ideas and process. There was an opportunity to sign up for a private one-on-one conversation with Frank, however this was not necessary because the students felt brave enough to open up and ask their questions in the group. Frank was very enthusiastic and eager to help the students, which definitely helped getting the great environment where all questions could be asked. 

We want to thank Frank Steeghs for helping us and the participants by motivating them and helping them out in these tough times. Do you want to reach out to Frank or did you miss the lunch meeting? Do not hesitate to contact him via LinkedIn! Just mention you came via BlueDot and he will be very happy to help out.