Design Competition X MMID Workshop

On December 9th the Design Competition committee organised a prototyping workshop together with MMID. MMID is specialised in rapid prototyping and together we wanted to inspire and encourage the participants by giving them knowledge and tools of the professionals. 


The workshop took place on campus, which really encouraged the students and enhanced a great atmosphere. Tom Delfos started the workshop by explaining the processes within MMID and some really interesting insights. For the students who could not join the workshop, because of Covid-circumstances, there was also the possibility to join the workshop via Zoom. Eline Maatje from MMID took care of the online questions and so connected the participants in the online environment to the physical one, which worked very well.

After the introduction, Tom gave the participants a fun activity. They had to make a tower in groups of two to three, made from spaghetti, tape and lay marshmallows on top. After a certain time, they had to stop and the height of the marshmallow was measured. It was very enjoyable to play and learn in such a short time! After this, Tom told more about the way they work at MMID and the point they pay attention to in their processes. We all learned a lot about their efficient prototyping approach and the five golden rules we need to take into account while prototyping.

Due to Covid-19, we, unfortunately, could not go into the workplace, but nevertheless, we were glad that we were still able to have the workshop on campus and be together. We wanted to thank MMID a lot for the inspiring workshop and their interesting story from the real world. We are looking forward to seeing the designs of the participants and how they implemented the knowledge they gained from this interactive and motivating afternoon! Students who want to share their prototype can use the hashtag #prototypelikeapro in their post on LinkedIn to have it checked out by MMID.


At the end of the competition the founder of MMID, Marcel Magermans, will be in the jury and judge the designs of the participants. Another great opportunity for the participants!