Design competition: Rewind

Every year, BlueDot organises a Design Competition for TU Delft students. This is organised by the Design Competition Committee, consisting of four IDE students together with two BlueDot Board members. The 2020 – 2021 BlueDot Design Competition Committee has very excited and goal oriented members: Isabella Boezel as chairwoman, Kim Vo as secretary, Wisal Boujeddaine as treasurer, Nora Allan as promotions and last but not least Nika den Ouden and Ilse Calis as Qualitate Qua. Together we will make this year’s competition a special one, with a lot of inspiration and aspiration!


The theme of this year’s competition is ‘Rewind’. Where we wanted to give the participants the opportunity to incorporate an aspect of the current COVID-19 situation for their concept, while also giving them the freedom to do something totally out of the box. This year, we changed it up a little bit. The prizes are set higher than all the years before, the first prize now is 1000 euros! Besides that, the designers do not necessarily have to hand in a physical product, since prototyping can be hard in these times. That is why, for this year at least, you have the choice to make a CAD model if making a physical model is not in the designers reach.

The competition has already begun and we are seeing a lot of enthusiastic participants, however, it is still not too late to register! Designers can still sign up, join our whatsapp group together and help other designers out with any quetions. So far, we have already successfully organized the first workshop with MMID for the participants and later on the second one will be held in january. The committee will be organising moments where professionals can help the designers with problems they have during their process. Throughout the competition the jury will be announced on social media. The deadline of handing in the designs is at the end of February, the 27th. After this there will be a Jury day where the jury is going to choose which design concept won the competition. The winners will be announced during the IO Business Fair, with an award ceremony, which will take place in March. At the Business fair, the audience can vote for their favourite design, which will determine the winning concept for the audience award!

Got an interesting idea and are you interested to join the competition? Are you interested in organising the design competition next year? Or are you interested in sponsoring the Design Competition? Please contact us via our email:

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