The essence of the BlueDot foundation is attracting students with a great idea to the label. For us, that means an idea that is unique, beautiful, and that tells a story. Generally, these ideas come from IDE students, but all are welcome. 

To incite creativity, BlueDot organises the annual Design Competition. The top submissions usually have a lot of potential for further development to become part of the BlueDot product portfolio. Students are also encouraged to approach BlueDot directly with an idea to see if we are a match. Sometimes, members of the BlueDot board will attend final presentations of IDE courses to scout for promising ideas as well.

"The key for a suitable idea is not in complexity, but rather in the focus on the essentials."

The key for a suitable idea is not in complexity, but rather in the focus on the essentials. The best products have a clear story, communicated through a simple, yet persuasive design.

After a relatively simple intake, members of the board guide the designer through the process; from idea to producible product. 

The role of BlueDot is to use its experience, its position within the faculty and its network of manufacturers and suppliers to offer the designer valuable guidance and opportunities. 

Through regular meetings, brainstorming sessions and prototyping, the product and its packaging are developed. Designers get a substantial prototyping budget from BlueDot, and get to take advantage of our broad network of manufacturers. This means that despite the pandemic, our designers have ample space for prototyping.

The final step is the launch. When the first batch is ordered, it will be sold online and in brick-and-mortar stores. After the investments are covered, the designer receives a portion of the proceeds. And while this means that you get to earn some money with your design, most designers do it for the experience and learning opportunities, as well as the thrill of putting an actual product on the market.

Do you want to develop your idea with BlueDot, or are you interested in joining the board? Please contact us with any questions or ideas.