Meet the new board: 2020/2021

Since the beginning of September BlueDot has a new Board, consisting of seven fresh and new members with a lot of energy! We will introduce the members of our board, describe what we did so far and what we want to achieve this year.

First of all, Lisa is our chairwomen, a second year DFI student, who wants to increase the awareness of the label among student. She will focus on improving the internal and external communication, by searching for new possibilities and organising IDE Academies. The secretary, Nika, is a first year DFI student who will be focussing on guiding the Design Committee and keeping everything structured within our processes. Ilse is our treasurer, a first year IPD student who is keen to keep BlueDot healthy financially. Besides that, she will help Nika with guiding the Design Committee. Adriaan, a second year IPD student, works together with Fabian, who is in the end of his bachelor, on the production within BlueDot. They will focus on smoothing out these processes to save time and increase the efficiency. Both are excited to meet new designers and to think about new possibilities. Laura is a second year DFI student who is our super creative marketing director, she is and determines our brand and her main goal is to improve BlueDot’s visual identity. Last but not least, Pepe, our commissioner of Sales. He is an ambitious bachelor student and for this year responsible for the cashflow of BlueDot and for spreading the story of our designers.

The first couple of months were mainly focussed on getting into our new role, determining our goal and getting familiar with our stakeholders; the new Design Committee, the BlueDot Designers and the business we collaborate with. We can proudly say this all went very smoothly and we as a board are very happy with our results so far. A huge thanks to Board 12, the board before us, because without them we wouldn’t be able to achieve this all already!

Our main goal for this year is to further elaborate and increase our brand identity. Besides that, we want to build on a healthy foundation for our future, where we want to improve internal processes and expand our reach for the BlueDot experience within the Bachelor and the Master of IDE. New plans and activities are coming up and we can not wait to share them all with you to see what you think of it.

We will keep in touch and hope to see you soon!